6 Things to Keep Your Computer Fast Forever

You bought a Core 2 Duo computer few months ago and now it works like it has Pentium 3 processor. Well, there are few thing you can do to keep it as fast as you bought it few months ago.


Install Less Applications on your Computer

An Application is free doesn’t mean you have to install it on your PC. Few people are obsessed with installing useless Applications to their Computer, even if they are never going to use it. It takes space in your Computer and east memory. Better to uninstall all the unwanted applications.


Defragment Your Hard Disks

You keep copying, moving and deleting files on your Hard Drive. This makes your Hard Drives unorganized. Defragmentation will remove the spaces and organize your HD to make to respond more faster. This increases the Speed  of your PC.


Delete Temporary Internet Files

You browse hundreds of websites everyday, thee are various things which are downloaded to your computer locally. like cookies, image files etc. So that the next time you Open the same website, you will get a personalized experience. But this also affects the performance of your PC. You should remove them on a periodically.


Restart Your Computer Daily

Few guys use the easy method of closing down their Computers, They either put it ot standby or Hibernate it. This also affects your PC as a proper sleep is important to everybody. Even to Computers.


Keep Your OS Updated

not every OS is perfect, they get updates where smalls bugs are fixed. So, if you though updates are not that important, you are mistaken, every update is going to fix and issue in the OS which also affect the Performance of your PC. Always turn the automatic updates on.



Control Automatic Startup of Applications

There are a bunch of applications which automatically start at the time of Computer startup, they increase the boot time of your Computer. Control the startup of application in your PC and reduce the boot time.



If you follow only these 6 things, your Computer will always be the same. You can use CCleaner also to keep your PC run fast and smooth.

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Asif Ahmed is the chief editor of Tech Tip. He holds an MBA degree in Marketing and is very passionate about learning new things and helping others.

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IWIRV37GNXKU4E57DWU5JLXQ4A dappler

    I follow almost all the tips mentioned above (except for the daily restart- lazy!) However I completely agree that the above steps help keep the pc smooth and fast. I think besides running only the absolutely necessary programs, the HDD can function faster if kept free from fragmentation and junk. My routine involves running CCleaner every week and defragmentation is fully automatic (with one of the excellent auto defrag tools that run in real time in the background) and does not need me to analyze frag levels or schedule the task.

    • Asif Ahmed

      true, junk files has to be cleared from the PC and it needs a restart everyday. CCleaner is by far the best program for cleaning junk and fixing this up in PC.

  • Bob

    Good article, I also find cleaning my computer of all dust makes a big difference. I also don’t like the in-built defragger as it is way too basic and slow. The best and really only solution to fragmentation is to use diskeeper as it prevents most fragmentation from happening in the first place. I’m pretty sure they offer free trials at their website.

  • Bill R Tech Spec

    Sound advice!

    It’s good to see PC maintenance promoted as too few users do the necessary actions, as it is time consuming (especially when using the built-in defrag utility).

    I have found that if people use a good third party defrag program, their computers last longer as the defrag is usually automated.

    Some of these are good enough where they operate in the background, using little system resources (so you can save energy by not having to run the built-in all night when the PC is not in use).

    One in particular, Diskeeper, also prevents most fragmentation so your hard drive does a lot less work when writing files and when accessignt them. As a result, your disks will probably last a lot longer (some say system life is increased by at least 3 years when running this program).

    Check out this “Top 10 Review”: http://www.digzip.com/software/system-tuning/diskeeper-2010/

    Get a free trial at http://www.diskeeper.com

  • http://alphaefficiency.com/ Bojan Djordjevic

    None of these area really and truly helpful. First of all, restarting your computer daily, is a huge waste of time and a hasle. Not installing too many applications is certainly not acceptable.

    Shut down all apps you don’t use, and you’ll be fine.

  • http://twitter.com/asifahmd Asif Ahmed

    Dear Bojan,
    These steps are Recommended to users by Microsoft itself on their website. I just compiled the best practices of all. Go ask anyone. and its up to you if you want to follow it or not. clearly optional.

    • http://alphaefficiency.com/ Bojan Djordjevic

      I am compiling guide of my own, based on more than 10 years on Microsoft Windows systems.

      It’s based on msconfig startup changes. I bet you will enjoy it. Not everything Microsoft recommends is good :)

    • http://twitter.com/asifahmd Asif Ahmed

      Thats great then, I would be glad if you share those tips with TechTip readers. what say?

      • http://alphaefficiency.com/ Bojan Djordjevic

        I’ll share you the link when it’s live on my blog

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bill-R-TechSpec/100002186447167 Bill R TechSpec

    Interesting advices!

    On the defrag part, I definitely agree that it is essential, however I would recommend a good third party defrag program that does this automatically in the background as otherwise one would not be able to use the PC while it is defragmenting.

    Here is a Top 10 Reviews of a side-by-side comparison of the best defrag utilities available:


    The gold medal winner defragments in the background without draining your system resources and it also prevents fragmentation (see the review).

    You can get a free trial at http://www.diskeeper.com/defrag