Best eBook Reader Apps for Android

Were have seen an incredible growth in Digital Content consumption. One of them being the newly introduced Digital books (eBooks) which people are consuming more and more.

There are many dedicated eBook Reader available in the market . But there is also a vast majority of people who use their Smartphones to read Books. If you’ve got an Android phone which has a fairly big screen on which you can read the book. I am listing some of the best Apps for reading books.

Kobo eBooks

It makes your Book reading social by letting you share what you are reading, with Facebook friends. It makes reading on Your Android phone great. Nice bookmarking style.



It doesn’t matter if you don’t have got Kindle reader, you can always use your phone read all your favourite book you’ve purchased on, with this Kindle App for Android.


Google Books

Google has a book store and if also offer Apps for different platforms to enjoy those book on your Phone, Tablet PC or Computer. Not available in all the countries thought.


 Aldiko Book Reader

It’s a nice reader with clean UI, you can buy eBooks from it’s store or you can also import one from your local memory. Supports ePub format and PDF format as well. The best thing about this App is that it lets you sort your Book shelf by Book Title, Author, by Rating, recently read or recently added.


Moon Reader

Another Book reader app with rich features , you can change colours of pages and text, It lets your Sort Books as well. And Page flip transitions make you feel like you are turning pages of a real book.

These are Top five Book reading Apps for Android phones, you may find many Apps for the purpose of eBook reading but all of them would be offering same or less features of the Apps mentioned above.

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  • Imacmill

    Here’s my problem with these 5 ereaders and virtually ALL ereaders, be they apps or dedicated devices: Besides reading words, what’s the single most frequent thing you do when reading a book? Answer: You turn the friggin’ page! Not one single ereader device or app lets me configure the page-turning mechanism to my liking. NOT ONE! Moon Reader comes the closest, but most of the devices/apps give you virtually no control over THE most frequently performed activity during reading. Here’s what I want: Single tap ANYWHERE on the screen to page forward. Swipe ANYWHERE on the screen to page back. Long-press on a word to look it up in dictionary (or make a note). Double-tap ANYWHERE on screen for menu (or hard button).