Can You Recover Deleted Files on Your Hard Disk

What if you deleted a file mistakenly? would you be able to get it back?

Well, there are many recovery software out there which can help you. If you believed that your file is completely gone once you have cleared off your recycle bin, then watch the video.

When you delete a file form your PC, is doesn’t really gets deleted, the space is available for newer files but the older file is still there until the newer file overwrites the older one. Even after a file overwrites the older file, the older file doesn’t get deleted, it is still there but in a corrupt form.

There is something called bad sectors, the area where your deleted files reside and are inaccessible via PC. You might have experienced a situation where you have deleted everything from a hard drive but it still shows a certain part of memory as used. That is called bad sector in your Hard disk.

This is what all the recovery software do, they look for those deleted files which are still there on your hard drive, process them and let you recover them, sometimes in their original form.

Not getting what I am talking about? Watch the video as it explains better.

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