Charging paused. Voltage too high Problem (Solved)

Today morning, after turning my alarm off at 7 AM, I faced a weird problem with my Galaxy Note, when I disconnected the charger from the phone. it prompted me with an message alert ‘Charging Paused – Voltage Too High’, it kept promoting every minute since I removed it from the charger. The funny part was, when I connected it again with the charger, it was charging again (normally), and there was no message showing again.

I powered off the charger, without disconnecting it this time, and again, it behaved normally. Same thing happened when I tried charging it by connecting it to my Computer. I switched the phone off and the problem still existed. I came to a conclusion that the Micro USB cable has to be connected to the phone in order to behave normally. I searched for the solution in various Android related forums on the internet, and came to know about the possible reasons for this as there were so many people who were facing this problem, not one Galaxy Note users but Samsung Galaxy S 2 users as well. The other thing to notice was, it happened only after the phones have been upgraded to ICS.

Few things that doesn’t solve the problem

Even though, I strongly feel it is because of some bug in ICS and it can be corrected with some minor update from Mobile phone manufacturer. Here are few things people are doing to solve the problem, but it won’t help. . Take the Battery out from the phone and keep the phone dismantled for an hour or so. Then put the battery in the phone and switch it on. Do a hard reset by going to Settings- Back up and reset. Install a Custom ROM / Root your Android.

How to Solve the Problem

As I said, the issue is with ICS, it prompts with a message, whereas others might be facing the same problem but they don’t get the message. The problem is with the micro USB slot on the phone, as it is open to the air, it can gather dust particles which are creating this problem by short circuiting it, when the micro USB cable is plugged in, it prevents the short circuit. What you can do is, you can clean the micro USB slot with a piece of paper. IT has solved my problem for now. If you faced the same problem and found a solution, please leave your messages in the comment below.

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Asif Ahmed is the chief editor of Tech Tip. He holds an MBA degree in Marketing and is very passionate about learning new things and helping others.

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  • Galaxy Note

    Oh Boss you are great really u was absolutely rigt i was thinking to go to Samsung service centre but my problem is resolved with a single piece of paper. Thanks a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot

  • vicks

    thanx a lot sir ji for the valuabble info

  • Zoidbort

    This fix is temporary…mine is back to the the same crap =(

    • Asif Ahmed

      Get it cleaned. There must be some more dirt hidden inside.

      • Zoidbort

        No difference…I sprayed electrical circuit board cleaner in there and cleaned it out with a toothpick…spotless.
        Issue never occurred until the ICS update…they are related for sure.

        • Asif Ahmed

          It can happen in every smartphone, but the annoying message flashes only in ICS. Even my old nokia n97 was automatically recharging. What helped me was, trying to plugin and plug out the charger from the phone. Then switch off n switch off the power. Try few combinations. Worked for me and few of my friends with similar problem.

  • saliah

    I’ve actually tried this but it has made no difference, the only thing with my phone is that it wont turn on. Any suggestions??

    • Asif Ahmed

      Which phone is it? What is the actual problem you are facing with it. Is it off because you are not able to charge it or the power button not working?

      • saliah

        It is a samsung galaxy note. The problem is that it says charging paused voltage too high. This isn’t the first time that i have come across this problem it has happened many times before and i have changed the charger, switched on/off but nothing has worked this time. Also my phone has been off for a while now i can’t switch it on. When I did clean it, it did switch on but it wouldn’t charge even when the charger was plugged in and it was on. Please can you help me with this problem? I don’t want to give it to a local shop because they might do something which I could have done and then rip me off.

        • Asif Ahmed

          It surely is a problem of the Micro USB slot on your phone. Try giving air pressure to it. Plugin and plug out a couple of times. Try bend it left and right while it is plugged in.

          • samsung user

            OMG… thanks for your help. it work… the sound so annoyingg

  • Andriod lover

    Beautiful tips, works like a charm so far. just have to keep my fingers crossed.

  • Ahmed

    hi there,

    i’m having different issue; my note is heating up too much and the battery percentage keeps flashing in addition to “info: battery disconnected” whenever i plug the charger.

  • Nassim

    Tnx a lot you solve my problem which make me crazy for a week. Nassim.iran

  • JD

    I had the same issue, the problem was that the metal probe in the phone where u connect the charger, I started cleaning it when i realized that it was bent and not in the middle like its supposed to be, got small scissors put it back in place, problem sorted!

  • Jeffro

    I just ordered a new usb charge port off amazon it was only 10 buck n it comes with tools to change it theres also a youtube video on how to do it. Better than spending a couple hundred on a new phone works better than ever now

  • SuzieCheel

    Thanks this has worked for me

  • Michaela Jackson

    My room mate is having this exact issue with her Galaxy S 2. The message also pops up when the phone is “charging”. We’ll try the tip with cleaning it, but I really don’t think that will work.

    • Asif Ahmed

      Do let us know if that works for you.

      • Michaela Jackson

        No, it did not work. The minute it came off the charger, that same damn message came up.

      • Nangolo

        Help with my note not charging temperature too high

  • Dj

    It works thank you this crap been annoyin me for the past two weeks.

  • Heirika Gonzalez-Presley

    Thank u babe! Xoxoxo

  • Domanda

    Hi. Remove your sd card. Problem fixed. The issue is the sd card and upgraded software.
    Hope this helps

  • nazlan

    Im having same problem wth my G.note and send to repair shop.they said problem wth ic and battery. they change new batt n ic. When i bring back to home problem charging pause voltage too high came again. I though to change usb chaging module. Does it available at phone shop? Pls help if anyone have experience tha same problem

    • Asif Ahmed

      Try the method mentioned above in the post or the comment by Domanda:Hi. Remove your sd card. Problem fixed. The issue is the sd card and upgraded software. Hope this helps

  • Peter

    If you can get the port cleans, the above works. I used a straightened paperclip to push a clean piece of cotton (my t shirt) soaked in 409 into port to swab around. After 4 minutes of doing this and restart of phone, no more error message. My phone got set in a puddle of apple juice and the error message began nearly immediately after.

  • Neese

    Thank you so much :)

  • samya

    I hve evn replacd d usb slot by new one..the service centre has changed ic even bt still the same problem existed .now they say motherboard has to be replaced

  • lerato

    i tried cleaning the port it seems lyk the problem got worse.

  • Simsim

    I cleaned the USB port with paper and the message stopped really worked

  • Jesus Orozco

    changed port chargin is solucion 100 %

    mi costumer kiss my for fixed

  • SomeonePayingAttention

    Cleaning the USB port is nice and all, but not likely the issue. This is the fix provided by Samsung tech support – it WORKS:

    1. Power off the handset.
    2. Press and hold both the Volume Up key and the Power key.
    3. Release both the Power key and the Volume Up key after the Android system recovery menu is displayed.

    4. Using the Volume keys, scroll to wipe cache partition and touch the Power key.

    5. After the wipe cache completes tap the power button to reboot the device.

    • Asif Ahmed

      Thanks for the heads up.

    • charles

      I followed your advice and my phone is now fixed dated November 24th 2013

      • charles

        unfortunately my problem came back this morningNovember 25th 2013

        • Asif Ahmed

          Try that again….

  • Jai

    I had the same exact problem. Took my phone to sprint numerous times reset it went through all the phone companies BS. Did what you said, cleaned USB port and it is 100% fixed. Thank you very much…

    • Asif Ahmed

      Glad that it solved your problem.
      Comment like yours keep us encouraged to solve more problems.

    • kunal

      i cleaned the micro usb slot and my problem is fixed now ! thx :)

  • LMB

    This really does work. Thankyou for posting this so others can see and fix. Well done…

  • Murat Coban

    I had same problem and finally solved. First cleaned the USB port and after backup the data . Go to Main menu>Settings>Back up and reset>Factory data rest. follow the screen instructions.

  • Whew

    Bless you good man. I was at wits end trying to figure this out.

  • sasabahome

    Not only dirt in the USB slot but over time the connector gets bent. Straightening it out gently with a jeweler sized screwdriver as well as the cleaning suggestions helped the problem go away for me.

    • Stalin D’Cunha

      This seems to have worked for me

  • deep

    i cleaned my usb port and formated it,bt not solved.what should i do????pls hlp.

  • John

    Hi there does the cleaning of the usb jack really work my samsung s3 works but it doesn’t charge

  • John

    Hi there my s4 has stopped working screen just went blank and it doesn’t seem to want to charge can anyone help

  • Deejay Lorenzo

    My problem is , i can’t turn on my phone, i believe that my phone battery is at about 40 – 50%. it was lagging and i tried to restart it with pressing off, and on again and that the problem..the red indicator flash when i m trying to switch on the phone several times. I’d tried to clean micro usb, but still face the same things…..

    • bijoupali

      I had the same problem that you’re having earlier today. I took the battery out. Then, I plugged in the charger. Next, I held down the power button(like I always do when turning my phone on). While I constantly held the power button down, I put the battery back in(with the charger still plugged in). Thankfully, I was finally able to get my phone to power back on, instead of going to charging mode first.
      It was frustrating. It took several tries to get the timing down perfectly, because the power button has to be held down constantly with charger plugged in at the exact time the battery “connects” to get into power mode rather than going to charging mode. I hope this helps you out.
      I am now on my way to finding a solution to fixing my bigger phone problem. Good luck to you!

      • Deejay Lorenzo

        I d asked few phone shops found out it s actually phone system corrupted when Upgraded….. any solutions

        • Deejay Lorenzo

          Found out that my note 2 motherboard was dead and that’s why when i m tried to turn on again the red LED flashed. I’m so lucky that my phone still under warranty which ended end of this month, and it was send to claim about a week ago and i got it back 2 days ago…and works well now.

          • Asif Ahmed

            thats great.

  • Norma Carranza

    Thank you so much it worked like magic!!!

  • Ed Duffy

    Thanks, I cut off a thin slice of chip board and used it to clean the micro usb slot. it stopped the message and the blinking battery icon. When I get home I’ll see if (using the usb cord) my computer will actually recognize that there’s an Android device hooked up to it (it hasn’t since I started getting the voltage message). Everything else seems to work normally.

  • sorta broke android user

    Well the paper thing worked out great. Thanks! No joke i was heartbroken. I cant afford a new phone at this second and my phone is my life, sad but true lol thanks again cause i was worried

  • Don Piano

    Thank u so much for this. My girlfriend was told by sprint that it would cost $75 to fix (a $40 phone) her Gs2. What a joke. Told her id do some digging and try to fix it. Thanks to you, smart guy with a small piece of paper as a tool, she (or I, rather) is $75 less broke.

  • tom

    I tried the paper trick into the usb charger port and i cant believe it but it seems to have worked. It stopped flashing and the warning about high voltage disappeared

  • sergio flores lara

    So far so good cant believe all i had to do is grab a piece a paper and pick at it
    Saved me time and lots of money thanks
    Oh and patience it was driving me nutz

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  • tony

    Thabks its work usb pory was bent so i bentit back to the middle that shoult fixit for real it work for me 100%

  • Sabari

    I think its working….I have done exactly what u told….this thing was breaking my head for 2 days….hope it works,…thanks mate

  • Mirable

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  • jerry

    Replace the usb charging port. As simple as that. Its cheap, and save your time. I did it to my note. At 1st i tried every single thing on the web..and nadda…still same thing. Don’t reset or hard reset your phone. Even if its gone, it is only temporary. Someday somehow in short period, it will occur again. Just change that usb port. Done

  • ct

    Wow, my charging port was bent as well and when I bent it back the issue immediately stopped. Thanks for the information.

  • Yash

    I couldn’t believe that there was such a simple solution to a complex appearing problem. Service centre would had charged a bomb. I removed bits of dirt n thread with a pin from my charging port n bent it back in place. Thanks a lot

  • JenniiFUR

    The technique with the paper and cleaning the port out worked for me. THANK YOU!

  • Cheyanne Ty

    The technique with the paper and cleaning the port out worked for me.
    Thank You!

  • Nicole

    I used the air in a can because of the same problem but my phone battery would drain when I plugged it in it was showing that it was charging but it was actually draining yhe the battery rather fast. I used the can of air and got a new Samsung adapter for the usb charger and it works perfect now.

  • Marquis Thomas

    I have the give you prompt for the advice! But hope it doesnt work. I figured the hole thing out. You take you battery out (it will be warm) of about 10 mins or until it cool
    And the phone will be cool too, so wait til that cool, than place the battery back in, YOUR PHONE IS BACK TO NORMAL AND YOUR HERE YOU GO

  • Marquis Thomas

    And yes the Paper helped a little! Or maybe i didnt do it good! lol

  • biswa

    Fuck …i bought a new battery for my note. still same problem . this stuff really helped. thank you.

  • atlkid404


  • Sarz

    In my home the power high voltage..
    I bought new HTC one m8 eye.. it get charge by 2 hours.. when I on data mode the charge completely dries off
    and Mobile gets heats frequently.. is it due to high voltage.. n first day I charged 8 hours even after mobile was full charged as they told me to charge first time 8 hours..

  • duvent

    i changed the usb for a new one and it didn’t work.
    so this solution is randomly work for lucky people . in reality the
    charging chip possibly damaged or software dumb error…

  • jackflash

    I changed my micro usb cable and the problem stopped

  • Jay

    My phone say charging suspended is that the same as charging paused