Create Personalized Browsers for Different Users

If you are someone who uses a Computer shared by multiple users among your friends or family. It is always a pain to login and log out of the services when using the same browser.

We previously had suggested to use different browsers (IE, Chrome, Opera Safari etc) for different users, we even have mentioned a nice list of browsers you can install so that there is always a separate browser for different users.

Google Chrome has this feature of multiple users so that you don’t have to log out every time someone else wants to use the computer from browsing.

Here is a very nice service called makemybrowser that lets you create separate browsers for different people with their names on it, so that each of them can keep their accounts logged in and their seperate web history.

The browsers are based on Chromium which makes these browser same as Google Chrome and support all the extensions, app and themes. Think of it as a Google Chrome browser but with your own image and name on it.

This is how you can create the personalized browser

Select a name and icon for your browser

Add bookmarks you want in your browser, though you can add more after you download and install the browser.

Select the theme, the look and feel of the browser and download it.

Possible uses of having personalized browsers.

Makemybrowser comes really handy when you are looking for seperte browser for different memors in your family, but you can also use it if you run two separate account on the same service, such as two Google or Facebook account.

Apart from that, you can create a personalized browser in your relative’s account and set the website as bookmarks which are frequently used by them.

Create Your Personalized Browser

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