Difference Between a Mac and PC


I get a lot of emails asking me to solve their tech problems, the questions range from start their internet connection, remove virus from their PC to why their PC is giving a weird error. I try to help each of the reader individually, and if I get a couple of emails that ask a common thing, I try writing a post about it.

So the common question I got this month was to help people buying their new laptop, and weather that Laptop should be a Mac or a PC.

Well, simply telling which is better, a Mac or a PC is not a good way to help someone. So I decided to write few features of both Computers and let you decide which one is better for you.

Features of Mac Computer

  • Mac Computers are beautifully designed and look like a masterpiece, Apple gives more emphasis on the design and build quality of their products.
  • Mac Computers have better integration with other apple products like iPhones, iPad etc., transferring your content becomes easy.
  • There are less chances of getting a virus on your Mac Computer.
  • Apple believes in tight integration between software and hardware and as a result you will find each application working really well.
  • Mac Computer are low on maintenance, and can save hours of troubleshooting which helps you get more productive.

Features of a PC

  • PC is actually Windows based Computers and there are a lot of manufacturers making Computer powered by Windows OS giving you the choice to find the suitable PC.
  • Price is another factor, you can buy a PC ranking from $250 to $1000 depending on your requirement such as gaming, editing or writing.
  • Considering Windows share in worldwide OS user base being over 90%, there are wide range of Free and Paid applications available. If you are planning to run a specific software, this point should be important to you.
  • There are more peripherals and accessories available for PCs.
  • PCs are more compatible with software and application which doesn’t get frequent update. Some people find it helpful to be able to run year old software on their machines.

So these were the features of both Mac Computer and PCs. If you are new to both and don’t have any special requirement, you can check them both and find the one you like, both the Operating Systems are user friendly and easy to learn.

About the Author

Asif Ahmed is the chief editor of Tech Tip. He holds an MBA degree in Marketing and is very passionate about learning new things and helping others.

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