Beware of this Facebook Chat Virus on Facebook

This post shows you how you can secure your account by identifying Chat Virus on Facebook. If any of your Facebook friend sends you a message like this, he might have got the same message like that and have clicked on it. Which is why you are getting this message.

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This is another Spam Virus which Requests for permission to access your Facebook Chat and then when you allow the application, It sends the same message to all your friends who are online. grey Beware of this Facebook Chat Virus on Facebook

grey Beware of this Facebook Chat Virus on Facebook

Like the Chat Virus, another threat to your Facebook accounts’s security is the apps you give permissions for using your Facebook credentials. That can be taken care of by Removing untrusted apps from your Facebook.

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    Chat Virus Spreading on Facebook ,it seemed so terrible , what can I do to prevent it happen?

    • TechTip

      avoid clicking links which have been shorten using url shortner services like, etc.

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    There is a problem in my computer.How can I improve my computer?