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Update: The website has been taken down by FBI for copyright. You can check out out post must have android apps and also check other posts related to Android.

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Who likes to pay for apps. Especially if they are really useful and carry a heavy price tag, although most Android apps don’t go ahead of $5, the most expensive Android app is $200. So, if you want to remain on a budget, while enjoying your Android Experience to the fullest. Use the Applanet app.

Applanet is like an alternate App market. But that does not mean that you can no longer access the original market. The difference between the two markets(except for the original’s exceptional security) is the fact that Applanet apps are completely 100% free.

I’m still not 100% sure that using this app is legal to use. But it sure is handy to have.

Applanet has more than 14,000 apps. And, seeing that it recommends that you install protection software, I doubt that it has any fakes or backdoors. Also, I have read positive reviews of it in many places. So I am highly doubtful about fakes.

Another wonderful part of Applanet is that it has user reviews and comments so you can find out easily if the app is worth your time.

Get Applanet here.

And, I or Techtip can not be held responsible for any sort improper usage of this app. We just spread information. The reader decides what to do with it.

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  • Marian Sikkema

    Its completely emty?

  • Daniel

    doesnt work anymore they make you pay for it now its called app bucket

  • Cody Bass

    They’re having server problems at the moment its still free and they’re working on it

  • Weemanmickflip

    Applanet can suck my fuckin ass says its great and works pwrfect thas some straight up fuckin bullshit there aren’t even any fuckin apps what a sad fuckin excuse for a fuckin market fuck u applanet u dumb ass cunts

  • pratik

    There is nothing inside… apps

  • crazycop

    When will applanet b working??

  • River Burns

    Applanet is officially gone and has been taken down by the government so everyone stop crying over it.

  • Asif Ahmed

    The Applanet Website has been seized by FBI for Distributing Copyright content.