Google Chrome Becomes More Stable with Version 9

In December 2008, Google  launched a beta version of Google Chrome. at that time, Chrome was just a light weight browser with minimal features. It was mean for people who just wanted to browse websites and didn’t want all those plugins and webmaster metrics. It only had the ability to bookmark pages and the feature which was highlighted was, you can make a shortcut application for your favorite website.

Almost 2 years have passed and now Google Chrome hits version 9.

What’s new in version 9

There are so many new thing which Google has been experimenting with Google chrome in order to give the best to it’s users.

One of the thing is Chrome Web Store which is open to general public. A link is added in the new tab from you can brows all the applications in the store.

The other thing is WebGL, which is a new technology which brings hardware accelerated graphics to the browser, Here are few demos which give you an idea about the new technology. I tried the Body Browser (a screenshot below)


Google Instant now comes to Chrome. You will have to enable it from the Options in Chrome and it will load the website as you type the web address.

If you want to use Google chrome more effective you can use these plugins to power Google Chrome.

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