Hide Posts from Specific People in Facebook

Facebook is a social networking website and it lets you share your stuff with your extended group of friends, there are few things you don’t want to to show to specific people you can do so by hiding your post from specific people. This post shows you how to Hide Posts from Specific people in Facebook.

Hide status updates from specific people in your newsfeed.

This is helpful when some puts status updates 5 times in 10 minutes or it’s really not that important to get updates from him/her. But once you hide them from your newsfeed, it’s hard to find where to unhide it from.

Here is how you can unhide the post from specific people or page.

On the homepage of Facebook In the newsfeed,  click on More RecentEdit Options. You will find friends, apps, pages you have hid the updates from. You can unhide from there.

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