How to Add POP/IMAP email in Gmail

You can also use Microsoft Outlook express from the Microsoft Office suit or Windows live mail which is free to download, but it had a limitation that you can access your emails from only one device where you set up your email.

What is POP and IMAP?

There are two famous protocols which are used to check emails from a remote computer. The difference between both of them are, IMAP make you access the email on the server where POP lets you download emails to your local computer.

Many companies give POP enabled emails to their Employees, which can be accessed either by configuring it in any Mail Client or Webmail.

In today’s world of Cloud Computing, you can  POP/IMAP emails in Gmail and access them from anywhere. I use Gmail to organize all my POP Emails accounts at one place. And this Post will show you how to configure it. Go to the Gmail Inbox.

Just Click on the settings

How to Add POP/IMAP email in Gmail

Then you need to go to the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab (look at the image above) to Enable POP and IMAP after saving. You can go to Accounts and Import.

You can Add POP email account from there, you will have to put your email and password in the pop up window.

You will find other options there select your preferences. and click on add accounts.

How to Add POP/IMAP email in Gmail

You can add around 5 Emails to it. This way, you can Access all your Email at one place and that too from anywhere in the world.

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    Nice tutorials regarding the POP/IMAP tab to Enable POP and IMAP after saving.

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    But how do you add an imap server not a pop ???