Keep Your Computer Run Fast and Smooth

We all love the Performance of our Computers when we buy them, but after few weeks we start noticing the slow startups and time lagging in opening applications, and then the time comes where you are literally frustrated about it’s performance and start thinking of buying a new one.

Buying a new machine is Kool, but sadly, costs you money and sometimes a lot of money. If you follow the steps below, I am sure you are going to make your Computer run fast and smooth like the day you brought it Home. OK, not like that, but you will be happy with the performance.

Download CCleaner

CCleaner is an Applications which will help you clean the temporary files, cookies etc from your PC, (these things are not important at all and removing them will not cause any problem to you Computer).


Just analyze and run cleaner and a lot of useless files will be removed keeping your Disk Clean. From the left sidebar, you can select what not to remove.


Now, here is one more thing you can do, going to the tools you will find a startup tab which has all the programs which open automatically at the time of startup of your PC. Just check the program which you want to remove from the startup. Lesser the programs at the time of the startup faster the PC starts.

Don’t Download Everything On Your Desktop

Don't Download Everything on your desktop

You might be in a rush and you download all the fines on your Desktop, yes, this does make your PC slow. Don’t keep your Desktop over crowded, however you can create a temporary folder where you can keep all the downloads and later move them to other Drives.

Also, Burn all those files which you don’t intend to use it for a longer tie, this will make your files safe and will also keep your Hard Disk Clean.

Defragment You Hard Disk On A Regular Basis

Defragment Your CP's Disk on  Regualr Basis

Do you know what is it? well, this process will make your Hard Disk use the spaces left between the files. to go to the Disk Defragmentation here is the path.

Start – > Programs – > Accessories – > System Tools – > Disk Defragmenter

Download a light weight Anti Virus

Nod32 Anti Virus

Anti Virus in your PC is a must thing, but is There are many Anti Virus available which eat half of your PC’s ram and make your Pc super slow. You can use Nod32 which is a light weight software and is capable of protecting your PC from Viruses. Download the Free Trial use it for 30 days and see yourself.

Keep Your Recycle Bin Clean

Recycle Bin Even when you delete the files from your system, these files go to Recycle bin and still use the disk space on your Hard Disk. Recycle In Stored the files in the C Drive. If you make a habit of cleaning the recycle bin regularly It will help you in keeping your PC run smooth.

Here are few more thing you can do (additional tips)

  • Keep the operating System Updated by selecting Run Automatic Updates from Control Panel.
  • Try Installing only Important and useful Application and uninstall all others which you hardly use.
  • Save all your files in D and E and any other Drive Other than C which has your Operating System Installed.
  • Upgrade Your Pc’s RAM ( Random Access Memory)  It will Boss your PC Speed.

This is all what we have to share with you all feel free to add your Tip in the Comments section. Thanks.

About the Author

Asif Ahmed is the chief editor of Tech Tip. He holds an MBA degree in Marketing and is very passionate about learning new things and helping others.

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