List of Browsers

Recently I share a list of free Anti Virus with you, now I am sharing a list of browsers, this post might help you about selecting the best for you.

Popular Browsers

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer

If you are using Windows OS, this browsers is the default browser and many of internet users use them as they are unaware of other browsers or they just care about browsers like few of Geeks do, As the Windows OS are the most popular OS, this Browser comes as most popular or most used browser in the world. Download Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox

FireFoxMozilla Firefox, also known as Firefox is the most popular browser after the forced usage of Internet Explorer, It does not come with Any OS in the market by default, so you will have to download it just like any other Application. Download Firefox

Google Chrome

image Yet another powerful application by Google, this was released in 2008 and now stands on 3rd position leaving the popular browsers Safari and Opera Behind. It’s still in growing phase and will be followed by Chromium OS ( an Open Source OS for Netbooks, more on that later).Download Chrome


Safari Browser Safari is the browser by Apple and come by default with their OS Mac. Same as Internet Explorer, Mac users use this Safari as it comes by default, there are many other who out of Mac OS who use Safari as it gives rich browsing experience. Download Safari


Opera Browser Opera browser is always underestimated by users and developers, it is the first browser which introduced Tabbed browsing (many tabs in the same windows to keep things organized) and then Speed Dial. It also has a very popular browser for Mobile Phones, Opera Mini. Download Opera

This is it, these are the 5 most popular browsers in the world. Now there are many other browsers which you can try by clicking on the same. you will be taken to the respected websites of these browsers.

List of Other Browsers

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