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The Windows App Store is far behind the Play Store and App Store in number of apps available and if you are moving from Android or iOS then you are really going to miss few of them.

If you have recently bought a Windows Phone 8 and was wondering how to get maximum out of it, here are few must have Windows Phone apps that you need.


imageMetroTube is a YouTube application which got it’s name from the Metro UI of Windows 8. So, the Windows Phone 8 has similar UI and this apps blends with it beautifully, plus it really works fine.

Price: $0.99


imageEvernote is the best Not Taking app that has to be there in every mobile, and it is there in Windows Store as well, so it is a must have app for your Windows App.

Price Free

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imagePhonly is an unofficial client of Feedly, which is the best news/article reading app out there, and fortunately Phonly is the perfect alternative to Feedly app.

Price: Free (Ad Supported),


imageOwn Reader is a real later app which is the best client for Pocket (formerly Read It Later), The Official Pocket app is currently available for iOs and Android only but OwlReader will make sure you will not miss it.

Price: Free Trial/ $2.99


imageReadability, is another Read later apps which is the unofficial apps for the Readability service, if you use Readability for saving article to read later, then this app is the best on Windows Phone.

Price: Free (Ad Supported)


imageThe battery app is quite helpful for those who like to know more about how much battery juice is left on their phone and how long your phone is going to last till you get to recharge your phone. This app helps analyzing this part pretty easily.

Price: Free

UC Browser

imageWindows Phone has IE as their default browser which is pretty good, but if you need more options and better organization of bookmarks with speed dial and better UI, then UI Browser is the best browser out there.

Price: Free


imageInstagram is the most popular phone sharing network on mobile phones, it’s already famous on iOS and Android, if you feel left behind with your Windows Phone, then you must download Instagram for your Phone and start sharing awesome photos to the world.

Price: Free

Location Alarm


Location Alarm is quite helpful in so many ways, It works like this, you place a spot on the map, the spot can be of any size, (radius) so when you enter that location, it notifies you. Which helps you remind to pick something up for home or office or anything like that.

Price: Free

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