How to Set Up Parental Control in Windows 8

Internet is the ocean of knowledge, but the fact that no one has control over it, you find pretty weird things circulating on the internet. Mostly the stuff you don’t want your 10 year old child to see or ever stumbled up on while using your Computer.

Thankfully there are ways to control the Computer access of your child. Windows 8 has a feature called Family Safety and it is easy to set up, gives you a complete control over what and how much you want to give access to your child.

Here is a quick and easy guide to walk you through

In Windows 8, you can set up parental control and control the access in 4 ways, which is, website filtering, time limits, app restrictions and Windows store and Game restrictions.

Web Filtering

You can set the controls for website browsing, in Website filtering you can allow the child’s profile to browse certain websites or block certain websites.


You can allow or block websites by ratings and set the levels or you can simply block or allow websites to browser by adding them manually.

Time limits

You can also set the time limits when then child’s account gets to access the computer.

You can set time allowance where you can let the profile access the computers for a number of hours or minutes every day.

Or you can also block the access for certain time and allow them access such and such time.

App Restrictions

You can also prevent the child’s account from accessing a certain software install on your PC. If you have any software which you feel they might mess up you can restrict it.

Accessing Windows Store and Games can also be prevented.

Viewing Activities

The activities of the child’s account can also be viewed which can help you customize the parental control effectively.

If you are looking simply blocking some websites on your computer or want to block websites on a network read the respective guides.

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