Find the Reality Behind the Photos Shared on Social Media

Social Media is a wonderful medium to spread your message to millions of people. And it already has helped many countries, cities and people to give a voice to their cause. But just like every coin has two sides. Social Media is used to spread hatred and wrong messages by few people. Be it hate against a religion, a small community or just a powerful person.

I myself have witnessed few stories spreading hatred using Social networking websites. Even though I have already written a similar article about using technology to find the reality, I am again showing you the method of finding a reality of a photo shared on Facebook or Twitter which aims to provoke people against a particular group of people.

Explaining with an Example

I am using this photo as an example. I have seen several people from two religious groups (Muslims and Christians) spreading this photo by writing their version of the story.

Christians claim that this was done by Muslims and Muslims calling it was Christians who burned these Muslims, however, none of it is true.

A Simple Google Image search will show you all the stories that have used this photo. In one of the stories I found the truth about this photo.


A tanker truck driver was plowing it down a dirt road through a village of Sange, 20 miles north of Uvira, where people gathered to watch the World Cup and lost control of his truck trying to pass a minibus. The overturn resulted in a fireball that incinerated everything in relative closeness, including 220 people. The Red Cross officials said there were 61 children and 36 women among the dead. Some witnesses confirmed that prior to the explosion, many villagers went to take advantage of the overturned truck and rushed towards it to fill up their jerry-cans with what would have been free gasoline. And then BUM went the dynamite!


The driver of the truck was injured in the crash, but got away to seek medical assistance before the explosion. Villagers, blinded by greed, disregarded potential dangers and continued helping themselves to free gas. Witnesses said that even government soldiers station in the troubled area to protect the civilians from militants were stealing the gas and paid for it with their lives.


The village of Sange, is located between the town of Uvira, which is on the northern tip of Lake Tanganyika near the border with Burundi, and the Congolese provincial capital of Bukavu. ­


This is just an example who show you how you can do a simple image search to find the reality behind a photo that is spreading a wrong message and avoid them all.

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