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With the fast growing reach of internet, there is hardly any time you don’t get internet around you. You at least have got your mobile phones with you which has access to internet these days. But still there are times when you need to email something important like Wishing Someone Happy Birthday, this tip will help you email the person on the exact time of his/her Birthday.

Letter Me Later is one of the websites that allow you to send emails on any date in future. You don’t need to sign up, Just log  enter your email and password and verify your email address by clicking on the verification link sent by Letter Me Later.

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Here, you can see on the above image, how you can compose email for future delivery, you can pick up any date. .

The best part of this service is that you can use any email service with it. Scheduling emails will let you save a lot of time as you can write emails in batches and schedule them to people like Auto responders or newsletter.

The service comes handy when you are travelling and want to submit an application via email. You can use this feature to get things done on time while you are getting ready for the vacation.

The above is just an example, you can solve other issues by using this email service.

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  • Himanshu

    Nice tip. Is there any way to schedule mails in Gmail?

    • Asif

      Thanks Himanshu, but there is no such feature Gmail. but you can use your Gmail account with lettermelater

    • actually

      boomerang. use it

  • Webhosting reviews

    this application is good for sending the mails in a scheduled way good one for wishing someone without fail