Sync Files on Multiple Computers with Google Drive

This posts shows you how you can sync files on multiple computers using Google Drive. So Google finally launched Google Drive, which is said to be the competition for Dropbox and Microsoft’s Sky drive. Many say that its little late for Google to offer a cloud storage service, but what about Google Docs which has been a part of Google impressive product line. Google was already offering a simple and yet powerful office tool which also enabled you to upload other file types other than docs and spread sheets. With Google Drive, it has gotten more powerful. Google drive is now ready for the use on PC, Mac as well as on Mobile/Tablet PC (Android and iOS) and can also be accessed inside a browser. It offers 5GB of free space which can be upgraded by buying more space, 25GB for $2.49/Month, 100GB for $4.99/Month, 1TB for $49.99/Month and so on.

Google Drive for PC

You can look in the image above that it automatically creates a folder just like Dropbox does. Tried uploading some screenshots from my phone and found them inside Google drive folder the PC.

It starts automatically with your computer and can be installed on multiple computer, it also allows you to control the sync of folders.

Browser Interface

The browser interface for Google drive is almost the same as Google Docs as it has been unified with Google’s new look. Just like we can sort files by their type/ format on Desktop, the same can be done inside browser as well. And almost every file format can be viewed inside a browse as well except mp3 files.

Google Drive for Android

The reason why I am calling this an extended version of Google Docs is because I loved the feature of Google drive where you can make a file available for offline and work on it unlike in Google Docs, which restricted me to only view them in offline mode. The other nice feature is Optical Character Recognition (OCR) which lets you upload a scanned document or a photo of a document and search words inside it. Head over to Google Drive to use it.

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  • Binkie

    OK so how do you “Sync Files on Multiple Computers”? That’s what a lot of people are looking for, and your page comes up because it’s called exactly that, but it doesn’t say anything about it. Please rename your article, or else explain how to synchronize Google Drive files on more than one computer.

    • Asif Ahmed

      I have explained it in the post.
      You have to install the Google Drive anywhere you want to get your files synced.
      If you have got two computers-
      Install Google Drive on both of them and sign in using same credentials.
      Start saving files in the Google Drive folder. it gets synced between the two Computer.