The New Yahoo Mail Sucks

Yes it does, that’s what our readers have been telling us. One of the most searched term on our blog is about How to get back to Yahoo Mail Classic, people are really annoyed by the new design of Yahoo Mail and were always looking for a way back to the older version.

This happens with every service, not just Yahoo, people don’t really like changes. It has happened with Facebook too, Facebook keeps making changes to its website, and the users hate it.

Once you get used to the design, boom, and there is another design change done on the website.

But Yahoo went one step ahead, it is forcing everyone to switch to the newer version, though there is a way back to Older Yahoo Mail but that’s not going to work forever.

Yahoo has now decided to shut down the older version leaving their users no option but to upgrade to the newer version or leave the service.

I know many people who have stopped using Yahoo for sole purpose of it.

Yahoo is trying to revive themselves as the cool internet company but leaving their old users in the midway is not a good move.

Want to move to another Email Service? Try Outlook or Gmail, they have been making a lot of improvements in Email and keeping the Inbox clutter free. They are worth checking out.

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Asif Ahmed is the chief editor of Tech Tip. He holds an MBA degree in Marketing and is very passionate about learning new things and helping others.

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  • Observer

    OK you can do us a favor and rate the various web-based email services on how much personally-identifiable information they collect.

    • Asif Ahmed

      Will do soon..

  • sirlaffalot

    Mark something as spam, you still get it for the next hundred years. Sign up for the unsubscribe feature, it does NOT unsubscribe you, it only saves the mails and you CANNOT delete the unsubscribe folder. Spend a year figuring out how to block a spammer, and it doesn’t bounce back to the sender, so you still get spam. More spam than EVER EVER EVER, none of which ever disappears from the spam folder, none of which is stopped by the spam filters. When they changed over, I lost six email accounts and cannot recover whatever I had in them and yahoo Help is less than useless. Unfortunately I have too much important stuff in the remaining email accounts, so I am stuck with them, but their service absolutely eats shit.

    • bleugirl

      You said it. Also, I have found that when I go to my sent folder, try to forward it with a new message, the bloody message doesn’t get “sent”!
      Their spam filter has always been laughable, as it has never worked for me.
      I also have a gmail account, but have always kept this one for the above stated reasons as you have kept your Yahoo account.

      And, yes, Google, Windows, Office, and Yahoo all need to redress during their “updates”, which succeeds in only forcing people to relearn the damn systems over, and over, and over, again.

      It is a ridiculous practice!

  • Daniel

    I have a yahoo email account. Don’t normally use it. Did today (10/9/2013). Was EXTREMELY disappointed.

    The interface is confusing, the way messages are displayed lumped
    together, and the way it “hides” parts of the message composed message
    it does not think I need to see. Why hide it? God, I hate design idiots
    who think they “know better”.

    Anyway, I’m in the middle of composing the message. All of a sudden,
    there is a spinning circle in place of the message. WTF??? I go off and
    do something else for a while. I come back 20 minutes, spinning circle
    is still there. I close the browser window, reopen it, turns out the
    email has been sent, without my clicking on “send”.

    Yahoo makes such crap. Sorry to have to say it.

    • Asif Ahmed

      Thats what over 3000 people think about Yahoo everyday who visit this page.


        Agree with everyone here who HATES the new Yahoo mail. So confusing and inefficient. Can’t believe I’m paying for this crap now. And this new Marissa CEO is supposedly going to save Yahoo? Time to dump the stock if this is how Yahoo improves services. Wow, shockingly BAD.

  • Chris

    Just got the new version of mail… I CAN’T OPEN
    ANY OF MY OWN PERSONAL FOLDERS! What a heap of CRAP! Does Yahoo! actually pay any
    attention to what they’re putting out there for us to use? So now I can put a
    pretty picture as my background… big deal! Tabs?… gone! Trash can on the
    right margin to make deleting easy?… gone! Headings?… gone! Sorting by
    sender?… gone! Dates are displayed in American format (I live in England and we
    put out dates as day-month-year and the old version did that). When I saw the
    new version I even tried switching back to Basic but that’s as bad as the new
    one but in a different way… it’s like email was ten years ago. At least I can
    get to my own personal folders in that. But let’s remember… I can put a
    pretty picture as my background in the new one! The email list is even
    transparent so I can see the pretty picture! I DON’T WANT TO SEE A PRETTY
    read that this is supposed to attract back people who have left Yahoo! Well
    this won’t and now I’m thinking to leave Yahoo! myself. Outlook looks pretty
    good compared with this garbage. This is the chocolate bar you buy and it says
    on the pack ‘EXCITING NEW SIZE’, but when you get it home you discover that
    it’s got smaller! Congratulations Yahoo!… you’ve produced the Windows Vista
    of email systems

    • Asif Ahmed

      Haha, WIndows Vista of Email Systems….Good One.

  • Delving Eye

    Hate the way messages are now lumped together, as on Gmail. In fact, YahooMail looks a lot like Gmail, which I really hate. Plus, when I reply to sender, the message automatically goes to every recipient, like the old AOL did. F**k!

    YahooMail used to be easy on the eyes. Not so now.

    And, minor note, I like using Times Roman for my messages — now called Classic — but there’s no way to set that option, so Arial (Modern) is the default font. Even when I choose Classic, if I insert a link or emoticon or anything, the font reverts to Modern.

    Yahoo blows chunks.

    • jzme

      i noticed that too like now you got me to so & so & it’s just hard to the eyes, i was just getting used to the other version w/c was in June of this year & now changed/modified it again? it’s hard to the eyes! don’t like it one bit!

  • Ivan

    I join the previous posters and can’t stress it enough – the new mailbox doesn’t even work!!!!
    I have messages missing from my custom folders,only to find them in “sent” folder lumped with received messages from the same contact.I cant find shit!I am pulling my hair off for the last two days! Everything is horribly worse than before that change!

    Can somebody please advice me how do i switch back to Basic at least,before I sort my stuff and move on to another mail?


    • Chris

      To get back to Basic you need to click on the cog in the top right of the main screen, from the dropdown select Settings, then on the screen that pops up select ‘Viewing email’ and then at the bottom right of the screen against ‘Mail version’ select the ‘Basic’ radio button. Click ‘Save’ and the system will revert to something Yahoo! was producing about a decade ago. It’s just as horrible but in a different way. But at least it seems to work and has some of the previous functionality (but not much). Should you have the need to revert back again click on the ‘Switch to the newest Yahoo! mail’ link at the top right of the screen. Hope this helps.

  • Mike

    All I want are the tabs to return. It used to be easy to switch between messages. The new design is horribly unfriendly.

    • guest

      i agree 101%, they didnt leave us with a choice! i don’t like it at all!

  • tktroma

    I don’t like Gmail – that was the whole point of having Yahoo – they have made it harder to mark messages as spam, to see your folders and to send emails directly there rather than to your in box, AND it looks and acts more like Gmail (have I said I have never liked Gmail….?)

  • skb

    Agreed. I hate the new Yahoo mail. Looks like Gmail which I consciously decided not to use.

    Asif -a word of advice for you..use spell check before publishing your articles.

  • cheers

    i hate the new version of yahoo, they didn’t leave us any choice no heads-up whatsoever & they eliminated my favorite stationery! why didn’t they leave us with a choice?

  • Nadia

    I want to cry…….I hate it, I HATE IT and I HATE it, I cant use it, its driving me nuts…ughghghghghghhg

  • Beth Palladino

    I can deal with the unnecessary changes and extreme clutter of the new interface. What I can’t deal with is that after this stupid change, I can’t receive any emails at all — everything sent to me is bouncing back as undeliverable. I can send out emails, but can’t receive them — and if someone replies to an email I sent, it bounces back.

  • San

    Is there anyway to change back? There’s zero customization with the new change. The font is fat and hard to read. I also liked the tabs and found it easy to have multiple messages opened. Hidden folders makes it harder to see emails that go to a specific folder. This latest GUI change has me looking at other email providers.

  • ttalex

    Total disaster!

    – No new mail visible in personal folders – no way to keep folders expanded
    – Broken stationary
    – No tabs!!!
    – Reply text went to the bottom

    Yahoo mail resemble Gmail or outlook will definitely initiate another round of
    users run-aways instead of gaining share. I used Yahoo mail for over 15
    years and almost jumped off after the previous (july) update. I am not sure I will survive this one…

    Instead of wasting money on changing the color and design of company’s logo those funds could be better used on adding revolutionary features to existing interface and letting yahoo mail jump ahead of competition and regain share.

    Anyone knows how to access “options” after switching to classic view? No preview is really painful in the “classic” view…

    • ttalex

      And BTW, where is the feedback button in this new interface??? I want to provide it there!!!

  • DTM

    I have Gmail as my alternate/back-account because I liked Yahoo’s interface better. Now… The only difference is Gmail works. New-Yahoo is bug and glitch ridden… Boardering on dysfunctional.

  • dfwpike

    I use the latest version of Firefox (24) and the new Yahoo Mail doesn’t function properly. When I reply to a message the text doesn’t show up. I initially thought it was because my text color was white (on a white background) but when I went to change the text color it was already set to black. WTF?

    If this issue isn’t corrected I’m done with Yahoo Mail. I already hate the new design so this will be the final nail in the coffin.

  • Jeejka

    10 October 2013 The new Yahoo email interface is the worst I have ever seen. (I’ve been using email since 1975.) The cheery messages in empty inbox and trash folders are totally unprofessional. The whole thing behaves like an expensive child’s toy that never really quite works.

  • Samy

    Here’s the tip of the day to get back the previous version of yahoo mail:

    Once you are logged, you would have an url similar to the following:
    (the ## are different for each users and sessions)

    If you replace ‘launch? ..’, by ‘search’ as follow:

    You should get the older, working version.


    • MATT


    • Delving Eye

      Holy crap, it works! You are AMAZING, Samy. Yippee!

      • Delving Eye

        Oops. It doesn’t work anymore. Yahoo must have gotten wise to it — or is that an oxymoron?

    • Sandra

      OMG it worked! Thank you.

      • Sandra

        UPDATE: It works but as soon as you log out and back in – back to the new version. But this should hold me while I get settled somewhere else!

    • Kasey

      OMG, you saved my sanity! I cannot thank you enough for this tip. I have no idea how long it will last, but for now I love having my tabs and other features back. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are a lifesaver!!

    • Jocelyn

      Samy, you are a genius. I can finally get some work done. Thanks!!!!

    • Raphael

      Works great. I have made a new bookmark for the revised URL and I am trucking. Thanks Samy.

  • Paula Louise Neale

    The (horrid) new Yahoo is the same as crappy gmail. I stopped using gmail because I didn’t like the set up but I don’t know what to do now as there is no where else to go. Horrid horrid horrid.

  • Bob

    I absolutely hate this redesign. I’ll be closing my account and changing my search engine as well. It’s pretty awful that Yahoo would just dump these changes on people without giving the option to change back

  • Keet

    HERE’S HOW TO SWITCH BACK TO BASIC. Go to the gear icon in top right. then settings. .Then viewing email and then on bottom check option for basic.

    • rpoke


    • Sandra

      Keet – thanks so much. I’ve switched back. But here’s the thing – all email is done in pure text – html is gone when you switch back. Can you say bass-ackwards!

    • Keet

      Forget my switchback. it goes to a TERRIBLE basic yahoo that is without “BASIC” Features. This is bad form Yahoo… Ill be finding a new mail provider.

      • Delving Eye

        You’re right, Keet. I found the button to switch back to BASIC, but I lose formatting features for composing emails. However, it IS easier to read my Inbox list than the new “improved” YahooMail crapola.

        I’m going to try aol mail, as you suggested above, and hopefully say sayonara to Yahoo and good riddance. ><

    • Delving Eye

      Thanks, Keet! But why can’t Yahoo tell customers that useful piece of business? I mean WTF is wrong with their PR.

  • shadoe313

    Even if you switch it back to “basic” it still doesn’t keep open the tabs at the top, for you to switch back and forth between open emails, or even allow you to partially type in an email address to get the drop down. Its totally effed my day 2 days in a row, I’m OUT!

  • Roy Cobden

    Yahoo mail (browser client) has sacrificed it’s best usability features for an appearance makeover.

    Why you’d want to copy the (ugly) gmail/hotmail look who knows. Who cares?

    I could live with the new look, no problem, IF THE USABILITY WAS AS GOOD.

    BUT usability features are GONE, and Style with NO SUBSTANCE is left.

    The new yahoo mail interface is lipstick on a pig.

    Who of sound mind would give up the best usability features of an application for a copycat ‘appearance makeover’ and have the nerve (or abject stupidity) to call it an improvement?

  • Keet

    Just set up an aol account. I really like it. Glad Yahoo did this so I could find out how much I like AOL email. Bye Yahoo.

    • Delving Eye

      I may follow your lead, Keet.

  • China

    The one thing I really liked about the old yahoo mail was the TABS. Now they are gone.

  • Annoyed User

    This new version of Yahoo mail, is the WORST “Improvement” I have ever seen! I would like to keep my Yahoo mail account (had it since 200) and was wondering if anyone had success with using Yahoo mail in Outlook 2007?

  • Swede

    Stupid broad who runs yahoo also did this to Flickr – changed it so drastically that the usability is severely compromised.
    Man, Yahoo is going to be a case example of ‘What not to do’ in a business class.

  • really upset

    what happened to my folders? how can i see the email address, not just the name? i why do i have to read 10 things from the past to see what i am doing right now?
    sucks big time

    • irritated

      i totally agree. i usually keep my e-mail receipts in a folder, and now i can’t get the damn folders to show up. anyone knows that when it comes to designing software, it has to minimize the clicks and time it takes to do a simple task such as opening a folder!!!!!!!!! SUCKS!!!!!!!!

  • really upset

    another thing, i used to get a reassuring message when i went to download an attachment which said, scanning and it was safe. NO LONGER. Bugger this Yahoo Poo Poo

  • Chuck

    Yahoo! it works Samy! Awsome!

  • Kasey

    I totally agree with everyone here. This ‘new, improved’ system STINKS. Everything takes twice as long to navigate now. Hate not having tabs, hate having the extra steps to either attach a message or to return to my inbox, which it used to do automatically. And reverting to the old style does NOT give you back all the previous features. And when you try to leave feedback on their page, it says it’s ‘unavailable.’ How convenient.

  • malakas

    costing MANY users valuable time and business

    • Delving Eye

      Agreed. F**k, f**kety, f**k, f**k, f**k. Yahoo sucks.

  • Dressed In The City

    I HATE the new version! Why fix something when it ain’t broken. Some of us use yahoo purely for email services, I’m not a techie and not interested in “new” technology and changes. This morning I got an email, which I forwarded to my work email to read through properly, when I wanted to respond on the email I got from the person, I replied to my work address! All those conversation tabs is damn confusing, I ended up just creating a new email. It’s terrible! I also don’t find the layout easy to use, my eyes get confused as you can’t see proper lines between the emails. It sucks! Yahoo sucks!

  • Susan Garcia

    What I want to know is WHEN is Yahoo going to acknowledge this abhorrent SNAFU with its loyal customers?!

  • Max

    This “new” version is a failed attempt to “be just like gmail” — its evident that yahoo did NOT do consumer testing or solicit feedback – they just did what their ivory tower team wanted to do and said customer be damned!

    What i miss most is the ability to view each email in a separate “Tab” – that was the way i managed emails; open some, take action, and close them out when they were done – a great way to multitask! Now, i can only view one at a time.

    The other thing they did that wasnt popular was make it so you have to click many times to get to what used to be one click away such as Folders and the ability to PRINT the email…

  • Yvonne

    I think you misunderstand the ‘off the charts’ annoyance of Yahoo Mail customers. Yes change is always a transition that we get used in time but this is not just about getting used to change. Yahoo Mail is a complete technical mess which has nothing to do with new fancy themes and missing tabs. This is about customers time inputting contacts, filters, folders etc which have now either disappeared or are completely messed up. I still don’t have the menus I should have in the new mail and my filters have all disappeared! This in my view is completely unacceptable in any company who’s iT Dept roles out something new to their colleagues but this is a company rolling out something new to the whole world! IT DOES NOT WORK and they won’t acknowledge the fact. To be that arrogant and complacent about something so big and put it down to not being able to please everyone is sticking their heads in the sand. Yahoo has alot to answer for and if they don’t start, they will be in worse shape very soon than they think they already are!

  • Deb

    Hope yahoo CEO is listening… otherwise after few weeks nobody will be there to use yahoo mail… mark my word. It’s a complete massacre yahoo has done. The disgusting upgrade of the decade.

  • Tom L

    I want to change the effing subject
    when I reply!! How to do this, with this new latest and greatest version?!

  • Guest 10101

    Asif … your English SUCKS. Where did you get your two-bit MBA???

    • Asif Ahmed

      English School of Dyslexia….

  • zte

    Here’s the tip of the day to get back the previous version of yahoo mail:
    Once you are logged, you would have an url similar to the following:
    (the ## are different for each users and sessions)
    If you replace ‘launch? ..’, by ‘search’ as follow:
    You should get the older, working version.

    • ksmiley

      Thanks! it worked like a charm.

  • Philippe A. Bopp

    yahoo is getting worse and worse The new new interface (I found it this morning, European time) is the pits. No sort, no control of anything, idiotic symbols which cna’t be removed ….. you name it

  • Blondescorpian

    I dont hate improvements………. Like them welcome them ..but the changes in Yahoo Mail are dreadful…the clumping of messages together and confusing the addressees .. and putting ‘Me’ as an addressee when I know I am one cos IT IS MY MAILBOX… I cant find original messages without going into sent items if I have responded to a mail .. it is a farce.

  • Ian Miller

    I’m sick of websites doing lateral updates that don’t improve anything, and many times take a step backwards. Yahoo Mail was perfectly fine as-is, I have no idea why they decided to change around almost everything about it. One of my gripes about updates like these are when they switch the buttons around. I abandoned Firefox during a recent update because they did a 180-degree switch of the buttons on the menu bar for seemingly no reason. Yahoo mail did a similar thing (When writing an email I keep hitting the reply button instead of send button because I’m used to the old layout). I had a problem with Yahoo locking my account a couple months back and considered making the full switch to GMail. This new Mail update is almost unusable and is convincing me to make the switch ASAP. If only all my business contacts weren’t linked to Yahoo I’d have done it much earlier.

    Yahoo, you done goofed.

  • Yahoo_Sucks

    Ugh…I can’t stand the new Yahoo! mail layout update!!!! Time to ditch Yahoo and make the switch to Gmail!!

  • Caffeine99

    WTF where they thinking — the way they group and display message threads is atrocious and confusing; AND on top of that some buttons and features aren’t even working for me now, like REPLY, yes, I can’t reply to my friends. AWESOME, guess I’ll start using my gmail as my primary now, jeezus Yahoo, you guys messed up bigtime

  • Tiny Tim

    To go back to the old version :

    1. Login to new version
    2. Click the gear icon in top right. Click Settings.
    3. Click Viewing Email
    4. Click Basic
    5. Click Save

    You are now in the Basic version that is better than the new email, but very primitive.
    6. Use the back arrow (previous page) button of your browser.
    You are now 100% back to the good old Yahoo email version ! But you will have to repeat the 6 steps every time you login again.

    • King_Mobley

      Thank you very much. It’s worth doing this every day as apposed to suffering through the new yahoo mail.

    • Jon Banquer

      The new Yahoo mail has caused me to lose hours trying to make it work. I doubt I would have figured out on my own how to switch back to the old Yahoo mail because Yahoo has made it such a convoluted process to switch back. I was at my wits end. I finally did a Google search and found your comments. It’s not like Yahoo doesn’t know they have major problems with their new email. They just don’t care and that’s why they released this buggy garbage.

    • Mahana

      any suggestions? it would not let me click on basic…now i dont know how to retrieve the download of an attachment…i want my old yahoo back!!

  • FedUp

    I can’t delete an email that I’m reading–the delete button does not work. I have to go back to the inbox and click the box next to the email in order to delete it. That’s efficient. And on one of my computer, the in-box is complete gibberish. I realize that it’s probably some setting on my computer, but it wasn’t doing that before this latest “improvement.” I’ve used this email account for TWENTY YEARS, no exaggeration. Do they really want me to go? I think they get another week, then I’m history.

  • StonedCoder

    Horrible, just horrible

  • Lincoln4

    New Yahoo mail is really slow for me. Like “dial up” slow. When it works at all. WTF were they thinking…

  • Michael

    Horrible upgrade! I absolutely hate it…and amongst the same complaints others have mentioned, we should also add.

    The ghost icons on each email line also suck. I can’t tell you how many emails have been accidentally been sent to the trash because of this. The search feature is also annoying. You have to really be careful where you click when you select an email. It shouldn’t be that difficult to read an email, should it?

    An older but ever present issue I have always wondered about. Why can I delete mail from the inbox with no regard to possibly deleting one by accident, but yet in my Spam folder I have to verify that I really want to delete the items? I could care less about the Spam but I do care about my real mail. I would rather be asked to verify deleting my real mail vs. my Spam. Just my opinion…

    • zte

      Here’s the tip of the day to get back the previous version of yahoo mail:
      Once you are logged, you would have an url similar to the following:
      (the ## are different for each users and sessions)
      If you replace ‘launch? ..’, by ‘search’ as follow:
      You should get the older, working version.

      • Eve Stangor

        You’re a genius! I don’t mind doing this everytime to get my old Yahoo Mail back. It works! Thanks so much!

  • lib4

    Simple. go to the URL. Replace the part of it that says “launch” with “search”. Press Return. Click Inbox. Done

    • bc

      Used this trick most of Oct but apparently Yahoo “fixed” it about 10/29. Any other tricks?

  • Jon Banquer


    Thank you so much for this article! I was at my wits end and your article has provided me with a lot of relief.

    A comment left on how to change back to the old Yahoo email has been a huge help. It may not last but hopefully Yahoo won’t take it away before they get all the bugs out of their new email. If they don’t make it useable I will switch. I lost hours with all the bugs the new Yahoo email has in it. At this point it’s fair to say the new Yahoo email is a steaming pile of crap.

    Jon Banquer
    CADCAM Technology Leaders group on LinkedIn

  • booger

    I can’t remember the last time I hated an app so dam much. I’m leaving for gmail.

  • booger

    Oh one more thing this pile of garbage lost all of my contacts. Nice. Wow what a fantastic improvement!!!! Was working fine and then became absolutely useless, lost my contacts, is now PAINFULLY SLOW, and very difficult to use. WOW.

  • mjdindc

    I have paid for the service for more than 10 years. Not only is the design paid, but it just doesn’t work. Two delete two emails in a row, I need to leave the web page and come back. It is unresponsive and locks up. No longer is Yahoo my primary email, its just too aggravating.

  • MGWilson

    I swear Yahoo put someone with shit for brains on this upgrade.

  • Anton bende

    your site sucks too… pppfff…

  • Anton bende

    first typy in the shitt… go trhrough F*** FB and the text is gone!! Handy !!

  • Anton bende

    bye bye

  • Taggen

    If you have chrome, you can block Javascript on yahoo. This will force the old primitive version on!

  • Ken shane

    Yahoo has 0000 value. They demand a cell number to open an account…. do’t give it to them they will sell your number.

  • Concrete

    there is a difference between “not liking change” and a change that absolutely sucks. a technological change by yahoo should be an improvement, and include email features that are useful. but this change was NOT an improvement. it was a LARGE step backwards, in making the email system WORSE. the user interface is now difficult. I can’t find my emails, my emails are being clustered together in a way that’s hard to find individual emails. it’s hard to differentiate between read and unread emails. the list goes on. I haven’t come across anything that is an improvement in the change yahoo email

  • udontknowme

    I just wish that Yahoo would go broke and disappear forever.


    Yahoo is $HIT. And it’s only been that way since Marisa Mayer was
    given the top job. More politics than common sense prevailed there.
    Yahoo has become the crappiest email, even worse than Gmail and Hotmail.
    It was actually good before they let Marisa Mayer run the company, now
    it’s so bad you have to wait an hour for it to attach PDFs sometimes.
    The service is inconsistent, it’s never as fast as it was before she
    took over. Even navigating the folders and finding what you sent is a
    chore. Emails are clustered all weird, every email I sent says it was sent to “Me” in the headline, when it should says it was sent to the receiver. The entire thing is slow, clumsy, and a pain to navigate. And it wasn’t like this before Mayer took over. Yes there were a lot of changes. BAD ones that made yahoo WORSE.

    Hope the shareholders know what a big dump she took on the
    company. It seems the ad dollars are rolling in but the email and all
    the free services suck now. Oh but we should all cheer because a glass
    ceiling was broken and a woman is now CEO of a big tech company. GIMME A
    BREAK. She’s ten times worse than all the men that came before her. At
    least under them the email wasn’t so damn DEFECTIVE! Sometimes I think
    there aren’t any real men left at Yahoo. The whole thing has become an
    affirmative-action socialist flower-power rag. I’d like my email
    interface STEEL GRAY, not “the color purple” thank you very much. No
    thanks for taking away that option. Look at what yahoo was, now look at
    what they have become. They need to grow a pair and realize that a smart
    board of directors promotes people to CEO based on RESULTS, not gender
    or politics or what you have in your pants. And sometimes, lets be
    honest, a woman turns out NOT to be the best choice for CEO of a tech
    company. Sometimes you need to keep what works instead of reinvent the
    wheel and making it WORSE.

    I hope Yahoo’s shareholders
    are paying attention. Do you even know what utter dog poo yahoo mail
    has turned into now? They just sell your information to rack up more
    advertising dollars, which makes Mayer’s cronies love her and hype up
    the share price of Yahoo stock, but it has turned yahoo mail into a
    cesspool of spam clogging up your computer’s memory just to display
    everything in your inbox. And now I have all these websites I never
    visited spam me with offers I don’t want, from industries I have nothing
    to do with. Hooray for bankrupt liberal feminist politics and falsely
    inflated share prices, a sad day for economics and reliable service.

    • disqus_Cym2znOEkj

      Totally agree. I have noticed yahoo mail got worse around the time Marissa Mayer took over. As a female, I’m all for women getting ahead and getting the top jobs, but I can’t see any good that Mayer has done. Yahoo has only gone downhill. People should leave yahoo mail en masse to send a strong message.