How to Turn off Facebook email notifications

This is for those who use Facebook allot, for many youngsters, Facebook is the first thing they check in the mornings. Well, even I do the same. Facebook sends an email for every notification, like for example, if someone requested to be added as a friend, someone posted something on your call, tagged you, commented on your post, suggested you a page, etc. This becomes so much that your Inbox ends up showing Facebook Emails all over. Take a look my Inbox which is full of Emails from Facebook. These emails are of no use as I check my Facebook account before my Emails. It is a better Idea to turn the email notifications off. So that I get to track important emails in my Email account. Here is the Path, Account—>Account Settings—>Notifications. You can turn off the notifications you want. Click Here to do so if you are logged in to your Facebook account right now.

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