Video Chat Comes to Google Talk for Android

Okay, Apple fan boys teasing Android user for the Lack of Face time on Android mobiles. Well, not anymore, Google Says that Google Talk for Android now supports Video chat. This means you can do a Video chat with friends who use Google talk for Android or Google Talk for Gmail, Video chat for Google Talk in Gmail has been there for a quite a from now.


The Video chat option will be rolled to the Nexus S in few weeks .After that this features will be variable for Mobile phones which have Android 2.3+ version.

You can make calls over a Wi-Fi network or 3G data network ( if your carrier supports) Which is a great way to do Video chats while on the go.

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  • Bojan Djordjevic

    Awesome! Pure gold!

  • Asif Ahmed

    Yep, pure Gold it is..Steve Job’s so called Revolutionary Facetime now Android. :-)