Which is your Default Browser? Firefox or Google Chrome


I started using Opera in 2007 when it wasn’t rendering a page properly and and Firefox was fast, fresh and stable. These were the reasons it become my Default browser.

Google Chrome was launched in 2008, being a into tech, I gave it a try but Firefox was still my default browser. Google Chrome was too young and was too unstable for a person like me, who has over 20+ tabs open at once.


In the start of 2011, I started working on multiple devices, I needed something to keep my work synced, though I was using Xmarks to keep my bookmarks synced but I needed more.

I decided to give Google Chrome a try, at that time it has matured and didn’t crash while handling 10+ open tabs. I have been using Google since then and Firefox was little too old fashioned by then.

I have already written about Google Chrome features on the blog, how it lets me work in a complete OS free environment.

But Recently I decided to try Firefox, I still had it installed on my PC all this years but it wasn’t my default browser, I used to for testing webpages and and asking guests to use it for browsing so that they don’t mess with my accounts as they are all logged in all the time.

This is I wanted to use Firefox as a default browser for few days and See If I can go back to using it as a default browser or not.

At had stopped using Firefox when it was version 3.5 and now it is version 20+, There is definitely going to few new things that will make my tech life easy.

So what did I find? Here it is,

It’s Responsive

This is what I have been missing in Google Chrome, were there are too many tabs open, the browser starts responding slowly, but Firefox is pretty at that, opened 20 tabs but still felt like there is just one tab open, it is that responsive.

It’s Fast,

I am loving browsing websites in Firefox, it feels fast, the pages look good and respond pretty fast.

It lets you sync everything.

Set up sync

This was the reason I started using Google Chrome, Working on my laptop and desktop becomes easy when all my browsing, bookmarks, login passwords are synced. This feature has been in Firefox from quite some time but I never gave it a try until now. I works just fine.

Will I keep it as my default browser?.

Well, I don’t know yet, there are few things that I have already started missing, I am very much dependent on Chrome apps, It’s not a good thing but I have created a system to make my workflow go smoothly and Chrome apps play a big role in that.

Again, there are many things that can be fixed using Add-Ons, But the profile feature in Chrome is another thing that makes me go back to Chrome. I will be using Firefox for a month or so, to see if I can find a way to tackle this problem.

You can tell us about your preferences and why you love using it, in the comments below.

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Asif Ahmed is the chief editor of Tech Tip. He holds an MBA degree in Marketing and is very passionate about learning new things and helping others.

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  • Robb Thurston

    You answered my Yahoo question about the new Fire Fox 22. I am just return the favor. I appreciate it, sir!

    • http://www.techtip.org/ Asif Ahmed

      Thanks for you feedback.

  • Robb Thurston

    Here is a question, honorable sir. I like to use Google Groups (GG) and Google has foisted on me a new format. My need is for the traditional format. That is, like the mandated format of a couple of years ago. Is there some means to restore the old format? Do you know how? Please tell me, sir.
    Kindest wishes!
    Robb Thurston

    • Aaif

      Hi Robb,
      Google has chaged it and there is no way back.

    • http://www.techtip.org/ Asif Ahmed

      There is no way back.